"Hard times require furious dancing." Gabrielle Roth


There’s a lot going on and coming up, and our collective pot is getting stirred big time!  

In times like these it's good to remember we have 2 choices --

We can lean to the negative polarity -- feel tugged, get triggered, caught in emotional and mental spins, victim patterning, overwhelm, stress, coping mechanisms, etc. 


We can lean to the positive polarity -- pause to feel deeply and allow the flow, release attachments, and expectations, cultivate self-acceptance & self-love, engage from compassion, indulge presence, become response-able, etc.

When I use the words negative and positive I’m not equating them with bad and good.  Instead, let’s consider this an energetic spectrum where one end holds density (negative) and the other lightness (positive).  This spectrum is our dance floor.    

I pull back from the bad-good languaging because we learn from both ends of the spectrum, and learning is always good. Especially when we allow for integration. With integration comes expanded consciousness and expanded consciousness is very beneficial -- not just to us as individuals but for all of us together.  

Depending on which area of the spectrum we’re engaging as our baseline we create different experiences, patterns and ultimately different realities for ourselves.  

Consider a day when we slept well, ate a nutritious breakfast, and even added a walk, yoga, meditation or some intention setting into our morning routine.  On that day conditions are ripe to lean positive.

Consider another day when we didn't sleep well, had to rush to get out the door and skipped both breakfast and our morning centering routine.  On that day conditions are ripe for negative engagement.

Maybe both days, we run into traffic, our child is sick, we get a disturbing email, or learn of a natural disaster causing harm.   

Depending on our lean that day our experience of those events will be different, right?  

We’ve all had days that leaned us into experiences of dense emotional and mental tangles and triggered behaviors.

And, other days where we’ve leaned toward lightness and experienced the same events with compassion and presence.  

For much of human existence, we’ve danced this dance subconsciously.   Often we’ve allowed our circumstances to sway us to one side or another and mistakenly believed that external forces are the determining factor for where we land on the spectrum.  

Over time a few bright souls have sought to point out that conscious choice despite circumstances is possible and we’ve called them our teachers, gurus, and wise ones.

The more we wake up to that truth of conscious choice (and not just on the days we’ve slept well or meditated) the more we become our own teacher, guru and wise one.

The power of pausing to choose can happen anywhere, anytime.  While stuck in traffic, sitting beside a loved one who is sick, even reading the newspaper.  

In fact, it works best if we don’t just rely on our morning yoga alone but also intentionally pause often during the day to check in and inquire: where on the negative to positive spectrum am I tapping my toes right now.  

If we’re in the negative or in the middle a lot -- we can (without judgment) assess the learning.  Maybe it's time to get our furious dancing on and move our way towards integration.

When we’re done with playing in the negative polarity we’ll know -- likely we’ll have felt it all deeply, broken our heart open, danced with the fire long enough and are ready to fully integrate the energetic disruptions that pulled us there in the first place.

We might also feel spent, exhausted, burnt out, depleted, depressed, discouraged, and/or cynical.  It may be impacting the health of our physical bodies, relationships and/or career path.

Dancing within in the density corner doesn’t do much for us until we do the work to get ourselves across the dance floor, actively take a leap, seek the support we need, do what we know to do to cultivate the experience of inner alignment --- or maybe just the first step.  Trusting that step 2s always emerge after step 1.

THAT journey right there --- that’s where the learning and integration come home and how we become our own wise elder.

Truth is, we can’t sustainably hold our ground in the positive polarity until we’ve taken that journey.  Otherwise, we find ourselves bypassing, living in the clouds, ungrounded and not truly contributing to the collective evolution we all want to support.    

Here’s the kicker about the density to lightness spectrum.  Yes, we learn from both sides, but if we linger in the density and delay our true learning and integration we end up feeding into the collective negative polarity experience.   

Energetically, we fuel the fire, keep the spoon stirring and add momentum to the drama machine.

And, it is not possible to make beneficial change from that location.  

So, thank you for dancing this evolutionary journey and getting yourself all the way across the dance floor towards conscious awareness and choice - moment to moment.  

I’ll be right here, dancing my own epic jig alongside you. ;-)



p.s. Want to shift your baseline form density to lightness but don't know how?  Consider working with me.  I'd love to support your evolution! 

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