Juicy July


Hi friends, :-)

Happy Summer!

Here's what happening in my realm. 

Come join me wherever you're inspired  . . . 

Gratitude Circle in Progress --- 

On a wild whim, I decided to start a group 28 Day Gratitude Practice on the summer solstice.  Each day I post a prompt on the Whole Family Energetics Facebook group and any who choose are participating and sharing experiences.  I think all of us are feeling amazed at the impact of beginning our days with focussed gratitude.  Although we began over 10 days ago I welcome to you join in today and also experience the synergy of the shared practice.  

Here are a few of the comments, 

"I did this morning's practice and it changed my whole outlook on my day. I wasn’t feeling well when I woke up but afterward I was running so much chemistry of feel-good hormones. Why have I not been starting my day like this?"

"This mornings gratitude was felt in my root Chakra. The sensations tingled down through my legs."

"I am noticing how this time with our gratitude practice has been percolating, highlighting, or generally clarifying all things negative. Wow! My dreams lately!"

Join us here:  Whole Family Energetics!  

Cutting Cords workshop coming up ---

In sessions lately, I've been running into energetic cords getting in in the way, distracting clients from their current people and projects, tying up vital force energy and blocking flows of creation & abundance.

Since this is the perfect time to free ourselves of anything holding us back from becoming the awesomeness of who we truly are I'm thinking to offer a virtual cord cutting guided experience in July. 

Etheric energetic entanglements (aka. cords) commonly form between people and sometimes places. Often connections are deeply emotional. When cords remain in place after the relationship has ended or changed they drain us of vital force energy and also be conduits of dense energy such as anger, sadness, fear, worry, pain, grief, etc. Cords can exist between romantic partners, parents & children, extended family members, friends, colleagues. You can also experience cording with locations, past homes, objects, etc. Cord cutting can be beneficial for establishing full presence, energetic sovereignty and response-ability.

If you've got a cord(s) slowing you down, or think you might and are interested to join live or get the recording afterward hit reply and let me know your interest and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

More details coming soon!

Family Freedom opportunity webinar available for next 48 hours ---

For those of you seeking to expand personally, financially, and soulfully one of my mentors, Kristie Ord just offered a live workshop on tips and opportunities for creating your own digital business.  This isn't for everybody but if you have a business of your own or a business idea and a hankering to experience more family freedom to learn, travel, and adventure then I recommend checking this out.  There are amazing people and opportunities on the other side.  At the very least it will expand your awareness about what's possible in this emerging field.  

Catch the replay HERE within the next 2 days. 

Invite to make July Juicy! 

 Another mentor, actually Kristie's husband, Clint offered up a challenge to our community this month and it's so good I'm passing it along.    

As Clint says, "Take the challenge if you desire to be juicy in July and attract all the love, joy and passion you desire. It’s not for you if you don’t want more love, and abundance in your life." :-) 

It's very simple --->  Send love to everyone you cross paths with each day.  Send love to your kids, partner, coffee shop barista, gas station attendant, check out clerk, guy across the street working in his yard.  You get the idea.  Be an intentional beacon of love directing rays of light to each individual you meet.  You in?  

Have fun!