Pausing to Gain Momentum


High vibe dreams require high vibe manifesting to actualize! 

The one tugging on me is the freedom to travel the globe with my guitar-playing son.

So I begin at the heart, the inner work of dream actualization.
The energy clearing, fear releasing, limiting belief busting, and dense karma ditching.

You know this clearing dance to inner alignment, right? We're all being tugged into it. Some of us every single day. Some of us every time that old trigger shows up again.

Many of us clear our own energetic clutter and then go on to clear the collective clutter. It can feel like an endless wave.

Recently a mentor shared this story with me . . .

Two men competed in a wood chopping contest. One of the men chopped constantly, all day long. The other chopped for a while and then took a break. Chopped some more and then took another break -- taking several pauses throughout the day.

At the end of the day, the exhausted man who had chopped continuously was amazed to see that the other had won the competition, piling the most chopped wood.

The winner then confessed that on each break he had been sharpening his ax.

Yes, we need to keep dancing with our inner work and we also need a sharp blade to ensure that our efforts are effectively and efficiently creating a difference, guiding us swiftly towards our dream.

I'm grateful to have recently discovered exactly the sharp blade I've been looking for to leverage my high vibe dream.

One that:

  • Is shifting me out of employee and consumer mode into owner and creator mindset.
  • Has landed me into a community of soul-aligned conscious entrepreneurs sharing the journey alongside.
  • Holds me accountable to showing up each day as the one who is already living the dream.
  • Includes all the inner work support I could ever imagine.
  • And provides the out-of-the-box opportunity to receive the prosperity required for my dream life.

If you're also calling in a big dream, looking to make a radical life shift and are seeking resources to support your journey I'm happy to share more about the movement I've stepped you can learn more over here.  

Endless chopping is so old story! 💚