I have a weekly practice where I pose a question, disappear into the practice and land at the end with an answer. It’s magical! Highly recommend such a practice in these times.

🍁TRICK #1 --> Find one that transports beyond the mind space. Otherwise, mental spin may try and solve the question all on its own. That might work for those questions ideal for mental capacity like figuring out how many pumpkins it takes to feed 79 people pumpkin pie.

The questions I take to my 5 Rhymes practice are the other kind. The ones in need of a whole system response.

Moving through the map of rhythms while holding a question allows and even demands that I be accountable to my feelings before determining any action.

If it’s a juicy, sparky kind of question then it's guaranteed there are lots of feelings of all sorts involved! Each one vibrating at a frequency I can move through my body and play with, listen to and ultimately transmute.

That’s helpful because we’re being called to be accountable to our feelings before we can master being accountable for our behavior if we want to avoid self-judgment, blame, and emotional drama (and we do!).

I know it sounds backwards but it’s true. All behavior results from our feelings and thoughts.

Starting with the feels is the most constructive place to begin.
Often times we get this in hindsight. I’m so much wiser than I was even 5 minutes ago. You too?

And that’s ok. That’s how we evolve and catch ourselves the next time.

🍁TRICK #2 --> Keep ourselves asking the juicy, sparky questions. I do that best by stretching to my edge, going beyond where I’ve comfortably gone before, where my heart beats faster and my hands get tingly – you know those edges?

Charge filled (sparky!) questions tend to show up there on the rim.

🍁TRICK #3 --> Surround ourselves with people who hold us accountable to our big dreams, higher aspirations, and the nooks & crannies within needing attention. Cause, of course, our edges always point us back to the inner work. Am I right?

In addition to my 5 Rythmes practice, I’m supremely grateful for my new community of online biz Freedompreneaurs I’m honored to collaborate with. A community of outside of the box souls also pushing to their edges and facing fears to be of bigger impact on the planet.

We’re not meant to collapse these boxes and stretch to the rim all on our own!

My question on the dance floor yesterday?
A simple one, - Where am I being less than honest with myself?

🍭And the TREAT? After moving through the map, I landed into new waves of self-love, inner-sight and the certainty that I’m exactly where I need to be to grow into who I am becoming.

And the sweet trust that what’s coming even in the very next moment is Divine!

5Rhythms in the Gorge

Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash