Re-Writing the Narrative with Amoya Knudson Shante

amoya QFP image

Amoya is a single mom of three who after leaving an abusive marriage decided to get rid of it all to take her daughters on an adventure of a lifetime. They have now traveled and lived through the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Albania, and Kosovo. She is the founder of the Single Moms DO (The Movement) Fb community dedicated to helping single moms live their dreams into reality

ESPECIALLY FOR SINGLE MAMAS DREAMING OF TRAVEL!  Amoya is launching the Single Mamas DO Travel Academy this week (September 14- 21, 2020).  I've joined the Academy and can attest that the community is it's off the charts amazing!  If you're a single mama traveling (or dreaming of traveling) and creating income &  life on your terms I highly recommend jumping into the Academy before the course begins on September 21st.