EFT for Kids

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My 7-year-old son woke up in the night scared.  Frantically he called to me from his bed.  

Somewhat resistant, I eased myself awake, oh for a full night's sleep!  

Quietly, I made my way to my son's bed and crawled in next to him.  He was shaking in fright, a bad dream.  We snuggled up but he had a hard time relaxing.  Quiet so as to not wake his brother I asked if he wanted to tap.  EFT (aka. tapping) is one of our go-to tools to ease emotional upsets.  This night he was too worked up and asked me to tap on him.  So I gently tapped on his hand points, top of his head, face points,  and collarbone point, confident that as I activated these acupressure points harmony was being restored to his meridian system.  I softly whispered as I tapped, "Even though you're feeling really scared right now and your body is shakey, you're not alone, I'm right here with you and everything is Ok."  

By the time I'd tapped through his points twice his breath had evened out and he was fast asleep once again.  

EFT is my favorite emotional first aid tools.  If everyone learned this simple self-regulation process and put it to use every time they felt upset our world would be a more peace-full place.  For that reason, I'm giving away free copies of my EFT for Kids Guide.  Pick up one for you and your family here:  FREE EFT for Kids Guide

Much love,