Creating Space for Brightness


Solstice night I woke at 3ish a.m, and found that both my kids were also awake. 

Something I didn't know until my kids became teenagers is that middle of the night engagement is often rich fertile soil for connection.  I’m grateful when the stars align and I'm awake for such moments.

As we know the stars were most amazingly aligned this week!

After days of grey skies, we looked out and noticed the clouds had cleared and the stars were bright.  We bundled up and stepped outside to gaze and talk and dream.

Big questions were asked.  Ideas pondered.  Wondering awe prevailed.  We chatted into those ponderings, played with the possibilities. Dreamed of the more beautiful world.  Envisioned grander awareness of ourselves, each other and the meaning of life and things.

No answers were needed so none were subscribed to.  It was as if we each knew the information available now wasn’t up to the task as yet for matching the expansive questions posed.

There will be time for answers soon.  This wasn’t the time.  

After two hours that felt much less I went back to bed while my boys continued talking. 

I’m grateful for such moments where there’s space for the brightness of each of us to shine and flow and play. 

I'm grateful for our journey up to now that has forged this pathway of connection. 

It hasn't always been joyful and flowing.  There have been rocky times and crunchy conversations and disconnect.  I'm grateful for those times too.  

ALL of the journey has led us to here.  

There will come a time soon when answers will emerge and the work of co-creation of our more beautiful world will happen. 

As we navigate the collective birthing transition with all of its potential crunchiness, I'm in full trust that nights and days of active dreaming, connecting, and expanding into what's possible are exactly what will powerfully synergize the next steps into being.  

Wishing you equally magical moments for you and yours this week!