Where do you fit into the human fractal jigsaw puzzle?

Last night I dreamed of a swiftly flowing turquoise blue river, vibrantly alive.

Many of us had entered the current, buoyantly moving with the water.

There was no question in my mind, I was to enter also. Everyone coming upon this river knows it's time.
‘How?’ came to mind and the response was there, simply go forward, and I did.

The ease of entry was innate to my being as it was to all those around me. We were each ourselves and also the river and each other. Flowing smoothly, swiftly onward in complete embodied trust.

Soon after waking, I came across this in my morning book,

“We do not need to understand how group consciousness operates. It is complex beyond measure.
We simply need to know where we belong and find our home within the whole. When each individual does what they love, and what they are designed for (which are one and the same), then the results are effortlessness and harmony.
Where do you fit into the human fractal jigsaw puzzle?
Your inner role is how you contribute to the group aura.
It is more about the essence that you bring to the group rather than any specific outer skills.”

~ Richard Rudd
The Gene Keys book on Prosperity https://genekeys.com/ref/413/