Flexible Pricing Shift

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Meet one of my neighbors this week. I'm learning about pausing for stillness & taking quick action when the time is right.

Here in the Yucatan, there's so much to learn. It's gorgeous and vibrant in so many ways and of course, there are also signs of distortion.

On a walk recently my son commented on the garbage littering the sides of the street and we chatted on it awhile, mostly exploring the question and all the possible contributing variables.

I've been feeling the truth of the paradox, yes gorgeous,s and yes deeply misaligned.
It's a paradox that's alive on every corner of the planet.

And within each one of us.
Otherwise, it wouldn't be out there littering the streets.

We create from the inside out.
Thus all solutions must come from the inside out.
Each inside-out shift has the power to become a Sacred Subversion of the established disorder.

Much of what I've been navigating this past year has led me to greater clarity on misalignments in my own experience, where I'm complicit (so many ways), and what choices I can take to shift.

One of the areas I've taken a deep dive into is my own personal economics and how they're enmeshed with a global system that is deeply distorted. It's a pretty big deal to work our way out of the enmeshment.

Ultimately, we're all in this together but there are things I can do now to forge my own path and demonstrate new ways of being in business and creating aligned livelihood.

With that at the heart of things, I'm shifting my business to Flexible Pricing. Yay!!  What that means is that you choose your own price from the framework I've set up.

I'm excited to be aligning my exchanges of money, time, and energy with the principles of nature. Nothing in nature is fixed, everything is in motion, ever adjusting to shifting conditions and resources.

My prices are also flexible and open to what you're able to give. I'm giving what I have full capacity to give and trust you to do the same.  For each of my offers, you have the ability to select the option that aligns best with your current income flow within the parameters I've set per my capacity. See how it works on my homepage.

By the way, I'm not alone in these shifts! Many are re-thinking the ways of doing business together in this new era. I'll be sharing more examples soon.

Whether we work together in the year ahead or not I hope my shift to flexible pricing will inspire you to take a lizard pause to consider your own Sacred Subversion next action. Micro steps powerfully impact the macro!

p.s. Exchanges for other goods, services & adventures are also possible if you live in my home base region of Oregon or a place I plan to travel to soon. Reach out to me at karenkmurphy@protonmail.com