Your Child Walks In Light

child dancing beach

Recently while preparing for a Parent-Child Akashic Session and working with the energetics of one of the kids a strong visual came to me.  This type of telepathy happens sometimes while I’m doing energy work. It doesn’t always make linear sense but it often reveals a message of sorts useful to the parent.

In this instance, I sensed that it was a message that would be of use to many parents - that it was broader than just this child’s experience.  

The image was of a child walking.  With every move, a bright white light appeared on the ground under his footsteps.  He began hopping and skipping, turning in circles, switching up his directions, going first one way and then another. With every step, the light beamed on the ground exactly where his footsteps landed.  

The words that came were, “See, no matter which way I go, fast or slow I walk in the Light.  I can’t do this wrong.”

Then he walked over a space and the light was dim. I could still see the light shining out from under clumps of grass but it was partially hidden.  The next words were, “Even when it seems like I’m not in the Light, it’s still there, buried a bit but still with me. I do that sometimes for the extra adventure.”  

As parents we can get caught up in guiding our kids to be on the right path, the straight track, wanting the best agenda for them, forgetting that our view is limited and biased in favor of our own opinions, desires, and beliefs.  

Our kids are advanced souls here on a mission much grander than our imaginings.  Best practice is to build trust, honor their strong spirits for having landed on this crazy planet, hold space for their full expression and emerging selves and love them as unconditionally as possible (which often equates to as unconditionally as we're able to love ourselves).    

Be in Your Light!