Mothering Intelligence


Mama blessings to all this week!  I hope that you felt loved by your peoples and also yourself not only for your qualities of nurturing, giving and receptivity but also your powers of regeneration, self-care, and healing.  

 There is a lot in our collective experience of Mothering that is being healed right now.  We experience this in our families of origin, the wider cultural norms for mothers, and as parents within our own daily experiences (regardless of gender - all parents tap into mothering energies).   

Whatever your experience is this week much love and honor to you for standing in this current, holding this energy, and being present in your experience with love how ever it’showing up (that's how we heal: :).

 Mothering is truly Heart Intelligence in action!

The HeartMath Institute tells us that we have neural tissue in the Heart and that our Heart is the most powerful transmitter of electromagnetic energy in our physiology, emitting frequencies of energy at least 8-10 feet beyond the body in a 360-degree radius.  (That’s as far as our current technology can measure. My experience tells me that our Heart Field has the capacity to extend even farther).

Considering that every thought we experience activates a corresponding emotion which then emits an energetic frequency it’s not hard to imagine the layered frequencies we all transmit into our Heart Fields every moment without conscious awareness.  

What if we reverse engineered this sequence by consciously choosing the energy we want to transmit - say gratitude.  How would it impact your family if your Heart Field was vibrating with the high-level frequency of gratitude?

According to research from HeartMath and others, when two people share heart connection and one person is in coherence (mental, emotional and physical balance & harmony) there’s a strong resonance or energetic pull that calls the other person into their own experience of coherence.  

Try this:  Set an intention to feel, sensate, experience the frequency of gratitude -  for anyone or anything. Start small if your energy is low or heavy. Start with gratitude for breath, a soft pillow at your back, the tree out your window, a warm pet snuggling next to you.  From there it becomes easier to align subsequent thoughts and emotions and establish whole system coherence. Imagine coherent ripples of light expanding from your Heart, filling your Heart Field with waves of gratitude energy.  Imagine extending this out towards your children, your partner, everyone you have contact with throughout the day.

Taking charge of the transmissions of our Heart Field is one of the most powerful ways we can impact everyone and everything around us. 

Big Mama Love!


p.s. Learn more about HeartMath research here:  EACH INDIVIDUAL IMPACTS THE FIELD ENVIRONMENT. 

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