I Thought I Knew my Child, and then I did his Akashic Reading!


I took my kids to the dentist last week.  Neither was excited about it but both were amenable and fine with the appointments.

My older son had his first and was done quickly - smooth sailing.

My younger son (age 13), when his name was called made a joking statement, “Oh good, so I’m not wasting my life waiting after all.”   I got that it was a joke, but I’m not sure the attendant did.

Halfway through his time with the dentist.  The attendant came out to the lobby and called me back to chat.  She informed me that while her time with my older son was delightful the opposite was true with my younger and that in fact he had been quite rude, making it obvious that he wasn’t happy to be there or receive her instructions.  

I found that curious and quickly weighed my response options.  

  • The culturally appropriate “good girl” me wanted to apologize for his behavior and make some promise to address it with him afterward.  
  • The mama bear me wanted to defend my son and toss back a little blame. He's a unique kid to be sure and also really awesome when you take time to connect.  She must not have done that.
  • My analytical mind wanted to begin dissecting the situation from all aspects - what exactly happened?  Could he have truly been “rude”? That would only be the case if he was off-track emotionally and he seemed fine just 20 minutes ago.  

Dismissing all of these as not helpful in the moment I settled on neutrality, thanked her for the information, and paused all mental spin until I could check in with my child.  

AND I remembered his Akashic Reading.  Actually, ever since I did his reading 2 months ago I’ve it has front and center in my awareness.  I thought I knew him pretty well, and I do - better than anyone else alive. Even so, getting some key Akashic insights was the equivalent of taking off the sunglasses I didn’t even realize I’d been wearing.  Aspects I’d wondered about, caught glimpses of but was never really certain of became clear.

Your Akashic Record, in a nutshell, is the multidimensional database that contains the energetic record of every human experience of your soul journey. Most significantly it contains your original Divine Soul Blueprint that guides your human experiences.  

Gaining an understanding of my child's Divine Soul Blueprint has streamlined my parenting tremendously.  Knowing his core purpose for being here and the gifts and energy he, as a soul has chosen to bring to this experience and how it’s meant to contribute to our collective evolution - it’s a huge game-enhancer, to say the least!  

Here’s a snapshot of what I learned about him that helped me maintain neutrality at the dentist.  

His gift is Truth (offered up to everyone he comes in contact with).  He’s here to express, live, communicate, Be his Truth moment to moment, and demonstrate what that looks, feels, and sounds like to the rest of us.  (This has the tendency to stir up judgments, especially for those who are not living their Truth in one aspect of life or another.)

How that shows up for my son these days:  He is who he is, he wears his emotions on his sleeve.  When he’s in joy he bounces. When he’s bored or discouraged he slumps.  It doesn’t matter if we’re at home, at the Thanksgiving table, or at the dentist.  

Additionally, he’s here to re-think and re-purpose any and all  “rules”. He’s going to test them out, stretch them, bump up against them, learn for himself the true consequences and call out the ones that are simply a means of control. Examples of this growing up were, belly flopping into giant mud puddles, painting his entire arm green, putting his head under a rainwater gutter spout during a storm, going barefoot 8 months of the year, changing his clothes every 3rd day.  You see what I mean.

He doesn’t care with other people think of him.  Recently we were in the check-out line at the grocery store and he took out his phone to play a game.  That’s not his usual behavior in public, so I asked him what he was up to. He gave me a grin, “Mom, this is what everybody thinks teenagers do.  I’m just being what they think I am already. Let’s see how people react.” Poking at common misconceptions and judgments is a game for him.

As his parent, this can be a  tricky combination. How do you raise a kid who is here to bump up against and essentially buck the system?  This is a good question for lots of parents these days. My child is one of many here for this purpose.

As we drove home from the dentist I asked him about his experience.  He said it was fine, boring, he hadn’t been thrilled to be there but it was ok.  When I told him the experience his attendant had he hadn’t realized that she took his interactions to be rude.  In his mind, he was just being himself at that moment. My guess is he made a handful of jokes that she didn’t “get” or misconstrued.

I understand and appreciate the authenticity it takes for him to be his truth, not pretending or putting on the “be nice” mask when not feeling it.  This is a practice that I’m still learning - one of the reasons my son and I are in relationship together. In this area, he’s my teacher.

And (of course, because this is the way we designed it ahead of time) my Divine Gift is Compassion, and being in relationship with me gives him the opportunity to learn the art of expressing his Truth with Heart.  

These are  a few of my updated, Akashic Reading informed parenting instructions - honor and hold space for his expression of Truth, guide him to situations where his expression will land and be appreciated rather than judged, and support his awakening to his own power to take charge of his inner alignment so that his Truth will more often than not be joyous and open - as he chooses.

We know our kids are much more than the human body suits they run around in!  Gaining soul-level awareness on the specific energy resources they're bringing in is a gamechanger for most parents who sign up for a reading.   You can give consent to a reading for children ages 3 months to 7 years of age.  8 years old and above you'll want to request their consent first.  

You can learn more about my Akashic Readings and purchase a reading for yourself or your child here:  Akashic Alignment Readings.

Big love,


p.s. Feel free to email me with any questions or send me a message.