Your Child has a Superpower


What is that amazing thing about your child?  

Go ahead, acknowledge to yourself that awesome, unique aspect of your child that shines through.

For some kids, it’s front and center and easily identifiable. 

For others, it’s more subtle and maybe only apparent to an observant mom, dad or grandparent.

It doesn’t matter what it is or how it reveals itself.  What matters is that it’s seen, heard and acknowledged.

For fun let’s call these unique qualities their superpowers.  

Here’s the immense value of knowing this about your child:  Superpowers highlight the pathway to inner connection.

If you’re experiencing disconnect, resistance, or constriction in your relationship with your child, at any time or any stage of their growing up years -- remembering, seeing clearly, listening to, and connecting with your child through that entry point of their superpower will reconnect and restore.  

When we value our child's superpower we hand them the key to being their truth in the world, being attuned to their inner guidance system, and aligned with their heart and soul.

Providing opportunities to dive deep into their superpower - playing, learning, experimenting, practicing it in action with others who really get them aids your child to grow into themselves, create the life they desire and be of service to the whole.  

As we continue to evolve human consciousness I imagine and visualize the day when honoring,  nurturing and guiding children in this exploration will be central to our education system.

Children’s superpowers will be the entry portals to expanded learning and discovery; the maturing of authentic self-expression through conscious mind and heart engagement.

Currently, the structures in place for the majority of kids are based on a template that was created to conform and homogenize.  While there are many within the structure doing amazing work and bringing forward new ways of learning the bones of the structure itself are in need of an alchemical shift.  

Many of our kids who struggle within the current structure are reflecting this truth to us.   Their challenges and even “disabilities” are in truth aspects of their unique quality that don’t fit into the established box. Not fitting but attempting to fit leads to disconnect.  

This is partly why acknowledging your child’s uniqueness can feel subversive, counterproductive, or non-substantial.

Let me gently burst any remaining bubbles and affirm what you have wondered.  Yes, your child is not normal. Normal is an illusion of the old template.

Many of our kids are gifted in ways that our larger culture doesn’t value or understand and puts into the “elective” box or into the “learning disability” box.  

An aspect of your child’s superpower can even be something that you’ve wanted to “fix” or hope they’d mature out of.  

When we unhook ourselves from wanting our child to fit into any box that limits their true nature we liberate our ability to connect deeply with them and access layers that are not available to us when we hold an agenda for a specific "normal."  There is an evolution of consciousness that this younger generation is bringing forward and many of our kids most challenged by current structures are here for exactly this purpose.

Your child’s superpower is a gift they express at any moment.  When your child is in Heart Zone - fully connected within, that expression will show up with an easy flow, vibrancy, and joy.

When your child is not so connected the expression will be more constricted.  The more disconnected your child is the more likely the superpower will either go underground or show up in dysfunctional ways.  

Supporting your child to be in Heart Zone as much as possible, and assisting them to find learning environments, circles of friends and other aligned adults who get them is the route to superpower activation and empowerment.  

So what makes your child unique?  What have you noticed so far? When do they light up?  What energizes and gives them joy?

Meet them there -- gaze, listen, ask questions, beam, listen some more.  

Set your intention to ooze love through your full spectrum presence at least once daily in the glow of their authentic expression.

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Big love!


p.s. Here’s what I posted yesterday about one of my son’s superpowers:   

My son is an amazing storyteller. As we hike he spins stories - layers and layers of stories with numerous characters and adventures in a variety of worlds - somehow he maintains this huge database in his head. Often woven within his stories are insights and truths that blow me away. I love listening but sometimes it's hard to stay focused and engaged - it's another kind of mindfulness practice. The more presence I can muster the more he glows - good incentive. :)

p.p.s. And yes, you have superpowers too!  Nurturing your own (especially if they weren't nurtured when you were a child) is called re-parenting.  Have fun re-reading this post with your inner child in mind.