Do you innately Move or Be Still?


I just stepped out of my new movement practice and I'm inspired to express this message. 

Often we're born movers or stillness-ers.  We each gravitate one way or another to come back home to self.   

Movers can be introverts or extroverts.  Stillness-ers can be either as well. 

It has to do with how your physiology syncs up best with your spirit.  

I'm a natural Stillness-er.  My favorite, most memorable times as a child were laying flat on the grass or alfalfa or beach and gazing at the sky being still.  

I did that just now.  After 30 minutes of full-body movement I stepped outside, laid down on the dewy grass and just was.  That's how I embody home.  

The movement is what I choose, what I need, what I commit to get me on the path.  Stillness is what I do to land all the way.  

We need both.  

Notice the people in your inner circle.  Are they natural movers or stillness-ers?  Knowing their innate way of syncing expands awareness in crunchy moments.  

To get on the path home we often need the one that's not our innate go-to.  I use movement when I'm out of alignment with myself. 

When I'm feeling the need to be right and forget to be curious I try to remember to activate full-body shakes and twirls and move with the imagination of water or fire flowing through my bones. 

Stillness meets me on the other side. 

One of my sons is a natural mover.  He moves throughout the day, back and forth, up and down, skipping and sliding.  In his crunchy moments, he often takes himself outside where it's easiest for him to find stillness. 

In his early days, it was my job to get us both outside, on the earth, as close to trees and water as we could get. 

Waves of crunchy emotional energy moving through the body (i.e. tantrums) flow so much more smoothly for movers when the body is held in the solid, stillness frequency of earth.  

Ha, I'm noticing that getting to the earth is an ally in both my examples.  The ultimate re-syncing resource = nature!   

And here's where the labels dissolve.  It's not about identifying with a word and holding to that idea in any fixed way.  

Identifiers are helpful for entry into expanded experience and knowing of self and other.  Once we've embodied the experience of the knowing we let the words go.  We trust ourselves and the other to continue the knowing journey.  Flowing with what's helpful today.  Releasing it for another experience tomorrow.  

We're in new territory!  There's no instruction manual for these times.  Even the blueprints we stepped in with and the biology we've become accustomed to is shifting and evolving.  

Thank you for being here, taking what's for you from this message and letting the rest go, reaching out to me when nudged to share what's alive, and most of all for showing up to play alongside in this every expanding infinite adventure.

Deep sigh & big love,

p.s. This post was deeply informed by this video with Jason Estes.  Tune in to take a deeper dive.  

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