Seeking Family Freedom?

A brand new era in online leadership is dawning!

 & you're invited!

Are you seeking . . . 

  • Resources to expand to your highest version of self, contribution & impact? 
  • Additional lifestyle, career path, & family freedom? 
  • Multiple income streams for abundance to flow into your life?
  • High vibe community of mentors, leaders and fellow soul-preneaurs alongside?
  • A global movement that supports you to step into Soul Purpose as never before! 

 I was a seeker of all this elusive goodness for the past 5 years as I worked on creating my online business.  Despite investing in numerous coaching programs, and platforms I didn't make significant shifts in my flows of soul purpose & abundance until I found this program & The Freedom Era educational platform.    


 In this space these shifts are happening for so many. 
(in the words of my mentor, Kristi X Ord

  • You become a magnetic force for good!
  • Energy comes first!
  • Frequency is the foundation!
  • Vibration is our currency!
  • Celebration is the strategy!
  • And LOVE is at the core!

To learn more I invite you to sign up for the
New Era of Freedom Workhop! 


"This is a place where note, and ultimate freedom are foundational.

A place where we create a narrative for our lives based on self-responsibility and choice.  Where we shifting the old money consciousness and creating prosperous lives and disrupting the status quo.

Where we amplify abundance and pull you forward to show up and embody the highest version of you moving forward!"

~ Kristi X Ord


My name is Karen Murphy. 

I support awakening lightworkers and starseeds seeking to align with their True Divine Nature & step into their Big Dreams.

Amazing humans like you seeking to: 

  • Clarify their Soul Purpose
  • Embody their Divine Essence 
  • Experience more Joy & Peace
  • And Re-source themselves in ways that resonate.

I aligned with the freedom business detailed in the 7 Pillars webclass and it has upleveled my expression, contribution and prosperity in numerous ways!  I'm excited to share all that's possible here with you! 

Here's to your evolution!