Energy Integration to Re-Pattern & Transform

Ready for whole system recalibration? 

This opportunity is ideal for anyone seeking to re-wire

conscious & subconscious patterns

& create a more joyful, healthy & vibrant life! 


Creating your own Customized Bundle allows you to:

  • Clear limiting beliefs holding you back from creating the life you want

  • Re-wire neural pathways limiting you to old thought & emotional patterns

  • Shift the conditional programming active in your subconscious that trips you up every time you get emotionally triggered

  • Give your inner child the love & support they needed & clear your childhood shadows

  • Re-birth yourself into new insight, awareness & baseline of self-connection.

  • Implement a whole new internal program in alignment with your current life goals, dreams and desires.

Recalibrating multidimensionally impacts your mental, physical, emotional and     spiritual fields and can result in:

  • Release from patterns of stress & conflict.

  • Flow of increased energy, inspiration and creativity into your present experience.

  • Increased presence, awareness & connection in all your relationships.

  • More peace, joy & ease in your daily life.

My Energy Modalities

Akashic Alignment

 Your Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness outside of time and space that contains the energetic records of every human experience of your soul journey.  In the Records we can access your Divine Soul Blueprint containing your Soul Purpose & Gifts for this lifetime. 


 Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting  is a powerful variation of EFT that re-wires past events and memories via a guided re-connection process with our inner child self.  Excellent for re-wiring old programming, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage.


The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is an amazing tool for clearing emotional baggage in the form of Trapped Emotions.  Trapped Emos are like stagnant balls of energy held in our energy field causing disruption.  TEC gets at the deep stuff hidden away in our subconscious. 


 Quantum Calibration

Subtle body quantum energy work is highly nurturing to our whole system and excellent for directing healing energy to specific areas of the body and Chakra (Energy Center) alignment. My techniques include Reiki, Quantum Touch, & The Wonder Method.

Ready to clear, re-pattern, & transform?

These 60-75 minutes Sessions are available as a single session or in bundles of 3.  We'll focus on one specific challenge of your choice and draw upon all or some of my modalities to flow with the needs of your process.

(Interested in a Single Session?  Go HERE)

Three payment Options to Choose from

3 Session Bundle (to schedule within 3 months)      One time payment  of:                $360

3 Session Bundle Monthly Installment                        Three monthly payments of:      $125 (total $375)

1 Single Session                                                              One payment of:                           $130

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  • Karen Murphy

    ““Karen’s calm and sure presence had me trusting the whole process. During the session, I was led to parts of myself that seemed to still hold an old trauma or belief. Through working with Karen I was able to see all of it as if it was a story I could rewrite and change. The way thebelief lived in my body and mind before has shifted and I feel the shift is permanent… this is a good thing! You’re amazing Karen!”

  • Karen Murphy

    “I was fortunate to receive an energy session with Karen Murphy because it shifted my awareness profoundly. She held a loving compassionate space for me to explore the negative beliefs that were planted during a past trauma and skillfully re-patterned the energy surrounding the event and belief so that now I feel so free, confident and happy in that area of my life!”

  • Karen Murphy

    “Matrix Reimprinting is clearly a very powerful tool. Being able to sit with Karen and her gentle, loving spirit and work through some of my own stored emotions, really opened my eyes. As a mindful parent I wish to be present for my son as he grows and learns how to deal with the world around him. It seems unfair to drag my own past with me into his beautiful bright future. Thank you Karen for your continued support for myself and for our community and creating a space for our beautiful children to flourish.”

Hello, I'm Karen Murphy.

I'm an energy integration practitioner and empowerment coach.  I love supporting the evolution of inner alignment, personal re-parenting, and family transformation through my energy healing work and parenting courses and programs. Be sure to check out the video at the top of this page to learn more about the energy modalities I work with.

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