Energy Integration Sessions *


You must do the heart work first
before your mind becomes
clear enough to see
what it is you are here to do.
~ Richard Rudd


Inner Resourcing
Whole System Re-wiring
Emotional Balancing

The Challenge

Life presents us all with challenges. Being human is an amazing yet difficult role to step into. We come here with so much potential, yet our past experiences often get in the way of embracing our innate vitality and purpose.

It's understandable to feel weighed down at times by numbness, disconnection, suppressed emotions, and old traumas still lingering in the cells. We get it - truly being present and engaging life from our highest sense of self takes courage after living through many life experiences.

The cycles of fear and contraction we may get caught in are very human reactions. 
The longing to break free of limitations and step fully into living our essence with renewed vision - that is human too. We all innately wish to flow with life, to contribute our gifts, to stand tall in our worth.

What if you were able to engage life, come what may, from more wholeness, tapped into an inner vibrancy that enlivens and empowers your relationships, purpose and presence?

I'm here to: 

  • Meet you where you are at
  • Hold Space & Accountability
  • Guide the clearing of blocks in your cellular memory
  • Mirror Pure Love as you embody more Light

Energy Integration Sessions involve a 60-75 minute call where I'll guide you through a customized experience to clear, re-wire and gain increased self-connection and clarity.

How it works:

Submit Intake Form . . . 

Upon purchase I'll send you a questionaire to complete.  We'll use the information you share as our launch pad on the call for diving deeper into the subscouncious memories and patterns playing out in your area of challenge. 

Book Our Call

We'll connect via an audio call.  All you need to do is carve out 60-75 minutes in a cozy, interrupted space and allow yourself to be guided through the experience. 


My energy modalities include EFT, Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced form of EFT), plus a variety of subtle body tools.  We'll lean into the ones needed for you in the moment.  All options are powerful and gentle.


"A session with Karen is like going to a cosmic chiropractor!" Kaye


Flexible Prices ~ Shifting to the future economy

Many of us are feeling the call to align our exchanges of money, time and energy with the principles of nature.

Nothing in nature is fixed, everything is in motion, ever adjusting to shifting conditions and patterns.
My prices are also flexible and open to what aligns for you to give. 

The exchange options below are what I have full capacity to offer. You decide what you're able to exchange for our work together. 

*Local to the Columbia Gorge? 
In-person sessions are available. 

Bundle of 3 Sessions
select the most aligned option for
your budget

$165      $225      $300

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Single Session
select the most aligned option for
your budget

$55      $75      $100

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Karen Murphy

“Such a gift to receive. Ahh. I have been floating in all of this and have had so many awakenings or illuminations the last couple of days. So grateful!" ”

Karen Murphy

“Karen holds the most sacred of containers for energy work and major soul growth and transformation. I can’t recommend this amazing soul more highly.”

Hello, My name is Karen Murphy. 

When single parenthood chose me, with the responsibility of my two young boys, I faced similar challenges referenced above. I realized that to connect deeply with them, I first had to deepen and master my connection with self.

I embarked on a journey, sifting through layers of suppressed emotions, many linked to programs absorbed in childhood, experiences travelling to conflicted areas on the planet, and life experiences where I felt overwhelmed and coped my way through. 

I discovered powerful tools and resources designed to resolve past trauma, rewire the mental and emotional body, and unlock rejuvenating flows of energy and vitality.  My deepest joy is to hold space for others unlocking their own deepening self connection and healing integration.


* Photo by AARN GIRI