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Hey there! I’m Karen Murphy

I support incredible folks like you, seeking to embody and contribute their highest versions into this Earth adventure. Together we align with your source connection, integrate your inner child issues and activate your true divine essence. All this in service to becoming your most joyful, peaceful, vibrant self!  

  • Karen Murphy

    “Wow, what an amazing process! I came away from my session aware of how so many key struggles I have had have been deeply interwoven with my gifts and feeling a new level of empowerment and ease in connecting to the truest expression of who I am, I am left with inspiration, tenderness, and many insights. Karen's loving presence and gentle but sure ability to navigate right into the heart and soul are truly a gift.”

  • Karen Murphy

    “Karen holds the most sacred of containers for energy work and major soul growth and transformation. Her intuition and insights are dead on. I can’t recommend this amazing soul and more highly. Run, don’t walk to learn and grow with her.”

  • Karen Murphy

    “My session with Karen was a game changer for me and my children.. I can't believe how much was accomplished in one session and am looking forward to more. Karen's gifts are deeply needed on the planet right now.”