My son suggested an after-dark hike last night. And I said yes.

I was tired.  My bedtime is early these days.  I had been awake for 16 hours already. My bed was calling.  

But this had been an idea of his for awhile and I wanted to honor his desire.  Plus, something about it called to me too.

We drove out to one of our nearby spots on a bluff overlooking the river - a magical place, protected, peaceful, full of wildflower wisdom. No other two-leggeds were there.

The temperature was just right - somewhere between warm and cool with a slight breeze to remind us of unseen forces at play.   

We hiked a bit, found a sit spot, roved the night sky with our naked eyes and also our star map app.  We talked, listened to the frogs and crickets, talked some more. I can’t remember all we talked about but it ebbed and flowed, went deep at times and crested into laughter often.

For a stretch, we continued walking and as my son held the phone to the sky to better view the locations of the stars alongside the app it made sense to hold his hand to keep him on the path.  

He’s now 13.  It has been awhile since he held my hand while walking.  I paused stargazing to focus my awareness on the feeling of his large hand in mine and savor the connection.  

I’ve discovered that as I practice this pause to feel and savor in such moments, later, when it’s time to unclasp hands and move on from that connection to the next, I’m more ready to let go without lingering emotion, nostalgia, or tendrils of wanting it to be any different.  

I didn’t realize when I said yes to this experience that I would be saying yes to allowing another layer of love to unfurl - for myself, for my son, for the wholeness of it all.  

Maybe that’s a truth of all yeses - and even all nos -  each an opportunity to unfurl into deeper layers of loving true. 

“Love says:  I see how I am, I see how you are.  I love and accept you as you are, as I love and accept myself as I am.  You don’t need to change anything about you unless you yourself choose to.  Nor do I change for you. . . . It’s just an additional honor and fun to have you in my life while we both enjoy it.”  Akemi G.

Bright star love to you!


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