Listen in to my interview with Intuitive Healer & Tarot Artist, Adrienne Lee Joywork


Adrienne is a soul sister!  

I've received her card reading guidance, and am currently participating in her Transformation Map program. 

She has received an Akashic Reading with me and been a participant in my signature parenting course. 

And we both happen to be indie mamas raising teenage boys.  

Recently we had a juicy conversation where we chatted about: 

  • Adrienne's story of diving deep into a recurring relationship challenge & how she transformed it
  • Her Transformation Map opportunity (enrollment still open for a few more days!)
  • Our best tips and practices for cultivating daily intuition

Listen in here!   


Connect in with Adrienne at ----

Learn more about her Transformation Map HERE.
Space still remains if you are feeling the call... a few more days until the program is closed. 

Big love!