Do you innately Move or Be Still?


I just stepped out of my new movement practice and I'm inspired to express this message. 

Often we're born movers or stillness-ers.  We each gravitate one way or another to come back home to self.   

Movers can be introverts or extroverts.  Stillness-ers can be either as well. 

It has to do with how your physiology syncs up best with your spirit.  

I'm a natural Stillness-er.  My favorite, most memorable times as a child were laying flat on the grass or alfalfa or beach and gazing at the sky…

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What if your only obligation is this?

I heard him say just loudly enough for me to hear, "The only thing I owe you is my freedom."

I cringed when I first heard his words, believing them to be selfish and cruel, unconcerned about others. 

"Oh, that's not selfish."  I blurted out, realizing what he'd actually meant.  "If all I owe others is my freedom, what I'm really saying is that my every action comes from within me and has no hidden agenda, demands no reciprocation, and carries no expectations.  Whatever I do, then, can only be…

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Birth doesn't wait


One night, 17 years ago I felt that first telltale wave of energy move through my body and knew my baby was coming.
Typical Aries, he was 3 weeks early and I wasn't ready.

It wasn't good timing.
There was a big rainstorm in the external and a big heart-storm in my internal.
I whispered my requests to this young one,
'not tonight, please not tonight, how about next week'?
He said nope and carried on.

The storms converged in my body for 8 hours.
I gave myself over to the birthing process
Got loud a…

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Where do you fit into the human fractal jigsaw puzzle?

Last night I dreamed of a swiftly flowing turquoise blue river, vibrantly alive.

Many of us had entered the current, buoyantly moving with the water.

There was no question in my mind, I was to enter also. Everyone coming upon this river knows it's time.
‘How?’ came to mind and the response was there, simply go forward, and I did.

The ease of entry was innate to my being as it was to all those around me. We were each ourselves and also the river and each other. Flowing smoot…

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Creating Space for Brightness


Solstice night I woke at 3ish a.m, and found that both my kids were also awake. 

Something I didn't know until my kids became teenagers is that middle of the night engagement is often rich fertile soil for connection.  I’m grateful when the stars align and I'm awake for such moments.

As we know the stars were most amazingly aligned this week!

After days of grey skies, we looked out and noticed the clouds had cleared and the stars were bright.  We bundled up and stepped outside to gaze and tal…

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What does your inner fire have to say?


🔥We all have a burning ember within, our Inner Fire.🔥

Often it's what gest us out of bed in the morning, nudges us out the door for the adventure, steps us into every relationship we’ve ever had.

It’s alive within our core and knows we’re here for something grander, more vibrant and magical than what has come before.

Our fire is what landed us here and it continues to seek what it came for. It keeps us accountable to our aspirations and inspirations.

Always on the look-out, always drea…

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I have a weekly practice where I pose a question, disappear into the practice and land at the end with an answer. It’s magical! Highly recommend such a practice in these times.

🍁TRICK #1 --> Find one that transports beyond the mind space. Otherwise, mental spin may try and solve the question all on its own. That might work for those questions ideal for mental capacity like figuring out how many pumpkins it takes to feed 79 people pumpkin pie.

The questions I take to my 5 Rhymes practice are …

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Pausing to Gain Momentum


High vibe dreams require high vibe manifesting to actualize! 

The one tugging on me is the freedom to travel the globe with my guitar-playing son.

So I begin at the heart, the inner work of dream actualization.
The energy clearing, fear releasing, limiting belief busting, and dense karma ditching.

You know this clearing dance to inner alignment, right? We're all being tugged into it. Some of us every single day. Some of us every time that old trigger shows up again.

Many of us clear our own…

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Etheric Cord-Cutting Workshop Coming Up August 22nd


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