Birth doesn't wait


One night, 17 years ago I felt that first telltale wave of energy move through my body and knew my baby was coming.
Typical Aries, he was 3 weeks early and I wasn't ready.

It wasn't good timing.
There was a big rainstorm in the external and a big heart-storm in my internal.
I whispered my requests to this young one,
'not tonight, please not tonight, how about next week'?
He said nope and carried on.

The storms converged in my body for 8 hours.
I gave myself over to the birthing process
Got loud and wild
Opened to all that was seeking to enter the world through me.
Then time stopped as I held him in my arms,
gazed into those mysterious wide eyes
that just moments before had been in other realms.

Instantly all the chaos of before was simply the on-ramp
to this enormous love expressing at that moment.

If you are in resistance to what is happening right now.
If you are in fear of what's to come.
If you find yourself whispering, 'please not now, I'm not ready.'

Know that what is seeking to birth through is grander than any resistance,
bigger than all the fear.
There is no better time than now.
In the birthing we become ready.

No matter how much chaos is here or how much is to come,
this collective birthing has purpose and meaning.
And will without a doubt land us into deeper expressions
and creations of love than any of us have yet known.
deep breathe