What if your child knew exactly how to shift their vibration every time they felt fear, anxiety or sadness?


Why does this keep happening?

Ever had this thought?

Maybe you and child get into the same power struggles again and again.

Maybe there’s an emotional fault line in your relationship that you and your significant other consistently fall into when life gets stressful.

Maybe there’s a health or financial issue that cycles around for you once or twice a year.

If you’ve been there, so has your child, and you’re all in good company.  This experience is ubiquitous in our human condition.

Commonly, our first instinct is to manage it by changing the externals - solving our child’s issues, fixing our partner, medicating our symptoms, changing our diet, job, or house.

But more often than not, a few weeks or months later the same pattern rises up again.

There’s a very good explanation for this!

The causal points of all our challenges are vibrational in nature.

All our struggles, challenges, and stress points begin energetically.

This is the Quantum physics update to Newtonian science.

Our consciousness sets the vibrational tone, which then ripples out to inform our emotional, mental and physical experience.

When we seek to improve any challenging situation by changing our child, our job, or geographical location we’re attempting to affect the Physical Experience, which is the manifestation of our vibration.

Similarly true is when we seek to shift our Mental Experience by reframing our story or mindset around any challenge.  While it sounds good to our linear mind, shifting mental constructs, while an energetic charge is still active, is useless.  (Ever try logically explaining to a tantruming child why you're putting a limit on that 5th cookie? )  

Both of these strategies are addressing the issue backward.

As we move through the Awareness Cycle (covered in Video One of the Parenting Energetics series) we take in the data (mental, emotional and physical) and move closer to the causal point , the Energetic Experience, allowing our emotions to flow and feel us into the energetic charge keeping those old patterns in place.

At the core of that energetic charge, we find the vibrational root of the challenge.

And then what?

A full experience of the Awareness Cycle offers the most effective strategy for sustainable change.

It’s not complicated. We all have the innate inner energetic technology to move through this processing.

However, because as a collective we haven't matured our emotional intelligence to the point where this awareness is already installed into our parenting, educational, and governing structures few of us get training on how to do this effectively.

Subsequently, we don’t know how to guide our children into the Awareness Cycle.

Instead, we easily find ourselves subconsciously demonstrating one or more of the 3 options our societal conditioning offers:

  • Projection & Drama - Placing blame on the external person or circumstance outside of ourself - child, partner, job, policy etc.
  • Suppression & Repression - Suffer through and not allow ourself to feel
  • Escape & Self-medication - Engaging a tool (such as netflix, ice cream, pot, shopping, wine, facebook etc.) to avoid, self-soothe or attempt to forget

In the Parenting Energetics Adventure series, I’ve given you all the insight and tools needed to step onto the path and take charge of your vibration. The potential impact on your own experience and all your relationships is huge!

Anyone seeking to engage in a deep dive to shift at the vibrational level is invited to sign up for my Energy Integration Bundle which consists of 3 one on one sessions and 3 Emotion Code sessions.  The July 15% discount is available through 7/31 (coupon code: Empower). 

Here's to empowered living y'all! 
Big love,

p.s.  Imagine if your child's go-to in times of stress was to engage their own version of the Awareness Cycle.  Opportunities to learn this are few and far between.  You are the primary facilitator of this level of emotional intel!  First step is to demo it every day.  xo!

p.p.s. Btw, when the energetic root is discharged the Physical & Mental Experiences shift immediately - the tantrum stops, and that logical explanation is no longer needed. :)