My favorite resource for mitigating harmful EMF's in your home


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Greetings Community! 

I have a very exciting experience to share with all of you! 

Eight months ago an intriguing opportunity to experiment with higher vibrational energies & co-creation showed up for me and my family and we chose to take action.  I’m so grateful we did and now I want to share Focused Life-Force Energy and our personal experience with all of you. 

In a high-consciousness field, there is much more energy available to you than in a normal en…

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Fostering Both Connection AND Resiliency

julio train

Happy New Year!

One of my personal projects is co-creating a local kids peace camp each summer that offers kids many experiences, practices, and tools for being at peace within themselves and with each other.  We’re heading into our 12th year and it’s a great camp.  As the current program coordinator, I’ve explored lots and lots of resources and treasures for fostering emotional intelligence, social-emotional learning, compassionate communication, nature connection, mindfulness, self-regulation…

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"Hard times require furious dancing." Gabrielle Roth


There’s a lot going on and coming up, and our collective pot is getting stirred big time!  

In times like these it's good to remember we have 2 choices --

We can lean to the negative polarity -- feel tugged, get triggered, caught in emotional and mental spins, victim patterning, overwhelm, stress, coping mechanisms, etc. 


We can lean to the positive polarity -- pause to feel deeply and allow the flow, release attachments, and expectations, cultivate self-acceptance & self-love, engage …

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Recipe for a drama-free holiday


Many of us will be gathering with family this season; our families of origin, and the families we've aligned with through partnership and chosen family.

Such gatherings have the potential to tug us into old patterns, stir up our shadows selves, and poke us in our tender, most vulnerable spots. 

Holiday meltdowns are real for kids of all ages!

If you bump into this during the holidays consider it an opportunity to settle into your connection bones and hold 3 foundational questions front and ce…

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This Work is Sacred

nica sacred

Yesterday I read this story, a traveler arrives in Paris during the Middle Ages when the Cathedral of Notre Dame is being built.  He stops and asks two stone workers what they are doing.  The first one responds that he is squaring out a stone.  The second one, who is doing the exact same thing, replies, "I am building a cathedral." 

I once spent a week in Guatemala working with cinderblocks.  It was tough. The kind of work where nose to the grindstone, mind on the task, you can easily lose sigh…

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Journey to Zero Waste - Photos

root wraps 2

If you caught my recent post you know I'm shifting into a new layer of commitment to living lightly, and reducing waste.  Here are a few photos of my September steps in the area of food & grocery shopping.  I've long loved shopping at farmer's markets but reminding myself of my big why's to make it to the market is helping me keep dates with myself to get there weekly.  The option to buy direct from a farmer easily results in the least amount of packaging.  Subscribing to a CSA subscription is a…

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Journey to Zero Waste -- New beginnings

Journey to Zero Waste next step

A significant layer of aligned family living naturally leads to balanced planetary living.  

Like many of us I've read articles, and books and watched movies about people who have upped their re-using, re-purposing, and refusing and reduced their consumption and waste.  In the face of the Zero Waste concept, I've felt both inspired and motivated and also overwhelmed and paralyzed. 

This season I'm recommitting myself to being inspired!  :) 

Knowing the huge value of making commitments within …

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Does connection reinforce bad behavior?


There's a common misconception in our cultural conditioning that's worthy or your re-thinking.  

Here it is:  Responding to my child’s “bad” behavior with connection will reinforce the behavior, turn the parent into a doormat, the child into a narcissistic tyrant and lead us down the path of permissive parenting.

First, let’s get clear on Permissive Parenting.  This approach offers high warmth and affection with low expectations and boundaries.  Research shows that a permissive approach can re…

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What if your child knew exactly how to shift their vibration every time they felt fear, anxiety or sadness?


Why does this keep happening?

Ever had this thought?

Maybe you and child get into the same power struggles again and again.

Maybe there’s an emotional fault line in your relationship that you and your significant other consistently fall into when life gets stressful.

Maybe there’s a health or financial issue that cycles around for you once or twice a year.

If you’ve been there, so has your child, and you’re all in good company.  This experience is ubiquitous in our human condition.


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