Your Child has a Superpower


What is that amazing thing about your child?  

Go ahead, acknowledge to yourself that awesome, unique aspect of your child that shines through.

For some kids, it’s front and center and easily identifiable. 

For others, it’s more subtle and maybe only apparent to an observant mom, dad or grandparent.

It doesn’t matter what it is or how it reveals itself.  What matters is that it’s seen, heard and acknowledged.

For fun let’s call these unique qualities their superpowers.  

Here’s the imme…

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I Thought I Knew my Child, and then I did his Akashic Reading!


I took my kids to the dentist last week.  Neither was excited about it but both were amenable and fine with the appointments.

My older son had his first and was done quickly - smooth sailing.

My younger son (age 13), when his name was called made a joking statement, “Oh good, so I’m not wasting my life waiting after all.”   I got that it was a joke, but I’m not sure the attendant did.

Halfway through his time with the dentist.  The attendant came out to the lobby and called me back to chat…

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My son suggested an after-dark hike last night. And I said yes.

I was tired.  My bedtime is early these days.  I had been awake for 16 hours already. My bed was calling.  

But this had been an idea of his for awhile and I wanted to honor his desire.  Plus, something about it called to me too.

We drove out to one of our nearby spots on a bluff overlooking the river - a magical place, protected, peaceful, full of wildflower wisdom. No other two-leggeds were there.

The temperature was just ri…

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Mothering Intelligence


Mama blessings to all this week!  I hope that you felt loved by your peoples and also yourself not only for your qualities of nurturing, giving and receptivity but also your powers of regeneration, self-care, and healing.  

 There is a lot in our collective experience of Mothering that is being healed right now.  We experience this in our families of origin, the wider cultural norms for mothers, and as parents within our own daily experiences (regardless of gender - all parents tap into motheri…

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Your Child Walks In Light

child dancing beach

Recently while preparing for a Parent-Child Akashic Session and working with the energetics of one of the kids a strong visual came to me.  This type of telepathy happens sometimes while I’m doing energy work. It doesn’t always make linear sense but it often reveals a message of sorts useful to the parent.

In this instance, I sensed that it was a message that would be of use to many parents - that it was broader than just this child’s experience.  

The image was of a child walking.  With every…

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5 Powerful Words to Say to Your Child Everyday


You know that moment when your kid comes to you, face glowing with inspiration and says something like, “Dad, I think I want to learn how to play the piccolo!”  And you respond, “Great! I happen to know someone who knows someone who plays the piccolo.  Maybe we give them a call and how about we search online for a 2nd hand piccolo.  And didn’t I see a flyer about a  kid’s band camp happening next month?  Let’s check that out.”  Pausing for breath you notice the glazed look on your child’s face a…

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EFT for Kids

EFT For KidsPg1

My 7-year-old son woke up in the night scared.  Frantically he called to me from his bed.  

Somewhat resistant, I eased myself awake, oh for a full night's sleep!  

Quietly, I made my way to my son's bed and crawled in next to him.  He was shaking in fright, a bad dream.  We snuggled up but he had a hard time relaxing.  Quiet so as to not wake his brother I asked if he wanted to tap.  EFT (aka. tapping) is one of our go-to tools to ease emotional upsets.  This night he was too worked up and as…

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3 Truths About Parenting & Kids that will Ease Your Mind


ONE:  There is no normal.  

Maybe there was one once but not anymore.  The new normal is every kid is unique.  Thankfully more and more safe space for this awareness is being created for kids to show up just as they are – true to self.  

What this means for parents –

We get to let ourselves off the hook of fixing, shaping, correcting, coercing, and ushering our kids into boxes that don’t work for them.  

Instead, we get to hold space for their truth discovery journey.  Sometimes that means h…

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