EFT for Kids

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My 7-year-old son woke up in the night scared.  Frantically he called to me from his bed.  

Somewhat resistant, I eased myself awake, oh for a full night's sleep!  

Quietly, I made my way to my son's bed and crawled in next to him.  He was shaking in fright, a bad dream.  We snuggled up but he had a hard time relaxing.  Quiet so as to not wake his brother I asked if he wanted to tap.  EFT (aka. tapping) is one of our go-to tools to ease emotional upsets.  This night he was too worked up and as…

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3 Truths About Parenting & Kids that will Ease Your Mind


ONE:  There is no normal.  

Maybe there was one once but not anymore.  The new normal is every kid is unique.  Thankfully more and more safe space for this awareness is being created for kids to show up just as they are – true to self.  

What this means for parents –

We get to let ourselves off the hook of fixing, shaping, correcting, coercing, and ushering our kids into boxes that don’t work for them.  

Instead, we get to hold space for their truth discovery journey.  Sometimes that means h…

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