Conscious Parenting Boost #1 - Honoring my kid's knowing

10 minutes of conscious parenting juice straight from my garden. 

1. Imprint learnings from past trial & error experiences with your kids.
2. Claim 3 things you stand for & infuse into the family culture.

Remember, take charge of your own shift!
I love you.  Keep going.  We've got this.  Back again soon!

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Family Financial Overhaul with Serena A. Larcombe

QFP coversserena

Listen in to another Indie Mama Thriving episode with Serena A. Larcombe.  This single mum of four has an incredible abundance journey to share!

Reach out to learn more about The Freedom Era platform & community that Serena and I share.

The deeper I got into my relationship with this community and the affiliate partnership the more I realized I'd truly joined a liberation movement that's increasing health and wealth across the globe!

One of our teammates gav…

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Getting Debt-free with Indie Mama Valencia Morten

QFP covers (2)

Listen in to Valencia Morten from the Single Moms on the Money Podcast. She and her daughter are on a big adventure & she's got loads of wisdom to share about what it took for her to get debt-free and take charge of their life. Lean into to Valencia's resources on getting debt-free here:

And be sure to check out the Single Dad Episode on the Moms on the Money Podcast:



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Re-Writing the Narrative with Amoya Knudson Shante

amoya QFP image

Amoya is a single mom of three who after leaving an abusive marriage decided to get rid of it all to take her daughters on an adventure of a lifetime. They have now traveled and lived through the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Albania, and Kosovo. She is the founder of the Single Moms DO (The Movement) Fb community dedicated to helping single moms live their dreams into reality

ESPECIALLY FOR SINGLE MAMAS DREAMING OF TRAVEL!  Amoya is launching the Single Mamas DO Travel Academy…

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Being Agents of Light with Ryan Angelo

qfp ryan cover

Ryan Angelo is a teacher, facilitator, angel channel, NLP master and a beloved mentor of mine.  Enjoy our chat about being Agents of Oneness.  

You can lean into Ryan's goodness at and sign up to receive the meditation he references at the beginning of our conversation.  

Much love & Jai Ma!  (victory to the mother) 

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Raising Starseeds

Are you raising a Star Child or Starseed?
Many, many children on the planet right now and even more to come are Starseeds.

Essentially that means they're bringing energetic resources from other areas of the universe to be of assistance. Many are on a mission to support the shifting of consciousness on Earth.

It's important to be aware that old parenting and educational paradigms don't work for these kids and can delay their path. Listen in to hear my top 5 recommendations for raising Sta…

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Anna Eva -- Single Mom, World Traveler & Entrepreneur Creating Big Impact

In this interview, Anna shares her adventurous, sometimes challenging journey traveling from her home in Austria to Oaxaca, Mexico including many stops in between and 2 toddlers in tow.  

We got real with the fears that come up when we step into big dreams and best practices for moving forward.  Anna also fills us in on her big project, Villa Verde and how you can participate.  

No matter what your own dreams are you're sure to be inspired and motivated by her story! 

Connect with Anne Eva on…

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Episode 04 - Connecting the Dots Between Quantum Theory & Parenting

In this episode we cover: 

  • 2 Consciousness shifting insights from Quantum Theory 
  • How it is everything is Energy & yet seems so solid
  • The true causal point of lasting change
  • How quantum awareness causes us to re-think our parenting
  • Why young people want us to know this

One caveat: 
I'm not a quantum physicist and I don't know all the ins and outs of Quantum Theory (not sure anyone does). I am a practitioner and lifelong student of energy integration who loves to frequently geek ou…

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Episode 03 - Kids These Days

 What we cover in this episode: 

  • Kids These Days big purpose & their True Nature
  • My awakening experience
  • Holding space for our kids to awaken & activate
  • Countering the cultural conditioning
  • The big impact of this work

Resources referenced: 

The Awakening Family by Shefali Tsabury

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Episode 02 - Shifting the Parenting Paradigm


What we cover in this Episode:

  • The core question that led me on the conscious parenting journey. 
  • An experience with my oldest son that revolutionized our family life
  • An activity in present moment awareness 
  • A mini quantum practice I recommend every day 

Resources referenced:

Pam Leo's book, Connection Parenting: Parenting Through Connection Instead of Coercion, Through Love Instead of Fear

----->  Later I studied Parenting by Connection with Patty Wipfler at Hand in Hand Pare…

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